This is our last podcast episode for the foreseeable future, but all past episodes will remain online for you to access whenever you like.

Now to a question ~ How do you respond to a compliment or some form of success?

So often people say their success is a matter of “luck” or “fate.” They’ll say it in response to a compliment or the successful outcome of a job interview or first date.

Why would people hand off these important issues and positive results to “luck” or “fate” rather than their own decisions, their own behavior, their own intelligence, their own excellence?

This isn’t just about receiving. It’s about owning responsibility for your choices, your actions, your excellence, and success in whatever ways it manifests. So we ask, how can you feel rightfully fabulous, when you’re not owning who you actually are?

An Important Message …

Due to the many problems primarily associated with COVID-19, this is our last Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous podcast.  And Judith & Jim thank you for your support.

However, Judith & Jim still invite you to visit the Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous website and take a look around.