You’ll Never Liberate Your True Identity Until You “Leave Home” Internally

Most people move out of their parents home to start their own lives. But, for most people, all too often it’s merely a physical leaving home, not one that liberates their identity!

So today, Judith will interview Jim about why he wrote his Leaving Home Trilogy of autobiographical novels.

Jim will reveal how the first book, Worship of Hollow Gods, explores some of the many “hollow gods”  families become committed to; become addicted to.

In Jim’s second book, An Ambition To Belong, he explores the angst most adolescents experience – no longer children and not yet adult. Belonging nowhere.

Jim’s award-winning, best-selling novels added to his own freedom to be fabulous, writing about many issues that people can find off-limits or even spiritually offensive. And in that way publishing these novels was a major act of internally leaving home for Jim.

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