No more hiding your holdbacks!

Yes, it’s really becoming a movement! And times, they really are changing! No more hiding your holdbacks, your fears of being too much. Or, on the other hand, no more avoiding telling your friends about the great promotion you just received, the awesome person you just went out with who wants to see you again, the amount of weight you lost, or the wonderful vacation you have planned! 

And it’s totally okay if you’re struggling, uncomfortable, self-conscious, even embarrassed that The Fear Of Being Fabulous still has a hold on you. In fact, you can say so.

Why? Because more and more we hear from people who listen to this podcast, share it with their friends, and are finding that the topic of Overcoming The Fear Of Being Fabulous is more and more an okay thing to talk about!

To Find Out More …

Judith & Jim invite you to visit their Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous website and take a look around.

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